“What seems to trap a woman between this life and the beyond is the anguish of being hurt by those closest to her.”

Hannya is a woman who, consumed by jealousy, undergoes a transformation that has three stages of development.

Namanari: It still has human features. A pair of small horns have sprouted on her head. She commits evil deeds by practicing black magic. Despite this, Namanari is not entirely evil and she is still vulnerable to Buddhist prayer.

Chūnari: With more powerful magical power than Namanari, she is further from redemption but still vulnerable to prayers. Her horns are longer and sharper, and fang-like teeth sprout from her mouth.

Honnari: the transformation of the woman into a demon is complete, she is completely dominated and blinded by jealousy that she can no longer save herself. She is the most powerful of the three and, in addition to large horns and fangs, she has developed a serpentine body and can breathe fire from her mouth.

based on a photo of L. C. Antonelli, models @clover.brook , @alexandrarouge93 , riggers @wykd_dave and Wildtiesluxuria

[ink on paper]