The futakuchi-onna (‘the woman with two mouths’)

The futakuchi-onna (‘the woman with two mouths’)

“In a small rural village in Fukushima there lived a stingy miser who, because he could not bear the thought of paying for food to support a family, lived entirely by himself. One day he met a woman who did not eat anything at all, and he immediately took her for his wife. However, his stores of rice were steadily decreasing, and he could not figure why. One day the miser pretended to leave for work, but instead stayed behind to spy on his new wife. She untied her hair, revealing a second mouth on the back of her head, complete with ghastly lips and teeth. Her hair reached out with tentacle-like stalks and began to scoop rice balls into the second mouth, which cooed out with pleasure in a vulgar, raspy voice”.

model Natasha Nawataneko, photo @shiawase_s, rope Nawa Ronin (@discoverkinbaku) and @kurogamiandrea

ink on paper

SCREEN PRINT (limited edition)

A signed and numbered, limited edition print about 30×42 cm (sheet size 35×50 cm)

Velin BFK Rives, Arches white, 280 gsm paper


A signed, open edition print about 21×29.7cm (sheet size 29.7x42cm) or 29.7x42cm (sheet size 35x50cm)

Hahnemuhle fine art 100% cotton paper, ultra white, 240 gsm paper

  • Date: March 2019