The tengu’s fan

The tengu’s fan

According to some legends, the tengu has a fan, the ‘hauchiwa’, made with feathers or leaves of Aralia japonica and he uses it to unleash strong gusts of wind and to control the lenght of the nose.

model, photo and ropeĀ @hangknot

ink on paper


A signed, open edition print about 30×42 cm (sheet size 35×50 cm)

Velin BFK Rives, Arches white, 280 gsm paper


A signed, open edition print about 28×35.6cm (sheet size 35x50cm) or 14×17.8cm (sheet size 29.7x42cm)

Hahnemuhle fine art 100% cotton paper, ultra white, 240 gsm paper

  • Date: November 2018