The Kejōrō (the hairy prostitute)

The Kejōrō (the hairy prostitute)

“Kejōrō is a prostitute whose face and body are hidden behind a curtain of long, matted black hair. She appears in red-light districts and brothels. In most stories, it is only the hair on her head that is disturbingly thick and long, but in some stories, her whole body is covered in thick hair, like some kind of beast.
There is some debate over his original description as to whether the kejōrō has a normal face under the matte of hair, or whether she is a faceless monster”.

Inspired by a photo of @amaury_grisel, model @nawataneko, rope @wykd_dave

ink on paper

SCREEN PRINT (limited edition)

A signed and numbered, limited edition print about 30×42 cm (sheet size 35×50 cm)

Velin BFK Rives, Arches white, 280 gsm paper


A signed, open edition print about 21×29.7cm (sheet size 29.7x42cm) or 29.7x42cm (sheet size 35x50cm)

Hahnemuhle fine art 100% cotton paper, ultra white, 240 gsm paper