The kitsune

The kitsune

Kitsune are long lived, intelligent foxes said to live throughout Japan that possess magical abilities that increase as thay age and grow wiser. Thay are not fundamentally different from regular foxes; any fox that lives long enough can gain magical powers. They can have from one to nine tails.
Kitsune are well-known for their shapeshifting abilities. They commonly assume the forms of young girls, beautiful women, or elderly men and duplicate the appearance of specific people. Kitsune transformed into women are sometimes said to have a narrow face with close-set eyes, thin eyebows and high cheekbones. Other traits that can suggest a person is actually a kitsune in disguise include foxlike traits such a fox-shaped shadow or a reflection revealing its true form. They may also be exposed due to their fear and hatered of dogs.
In some stories, kitsune have trouble hiding their tails when they are in human form, especially when thay become careless or drunk.
Other abilities kitsune possess include the ability to possess people, generating fire or lightening from their tails or mouths, intentionally appearing in the dreams of others, flight, invisibility, and the ability to create elaborate illusions.

model @nawataneko, photo Haag, ropeĀ @discoverkinbaku

water mixable oil colours on cotton paper


A signed, open edition print about 30.5×45.7cm (sheet size 35x50cm) or 15x23cm (sheet size 29.7x42cm)

Hahnemuhle fine art 100% cotton paper, ultra white, 240 gsm paper

  • Date: January 2020